My Story

My love for Scentsy didn't happen over night...

My mom loved Scentsy and bought me a warmer and a few bars as a gift. When she died I inherited ALL of her warmers. (We're talking a LOT for someone who WASN'T a Scentsy consultant.)

When the holidays came that year, what brought me comfort, besides prayer, was the smell of Welcome Home, or Baked Apple Pie in my warmer. It immediately brought me back to amazing memories of my momma that I had completely forgotten.

After being gifted a Scentsy Buddy when I didn't even know they existed- I had to start asking questions! As a stay at home mom and wife I needed SOMETHING to give me structure throughout each day- So I took the plunge and haven't regretted it since! 

I LOVE that Scentsy is more than just a product. Theres a mood and a memory attached to Every. Single. Scent. Seeing folks reminisce about the scents that take them back is the BEST part of this whole adventure.